Sri Yoga Peeth invites everyone to join the 100 hour yoga Teacher Training Course. The main objective of this course is to make students acquainted with the richness of yoga and inspire them bring positive changes in their life. Yoga is the end of the miseries and permanent solution for the problems of the life. Our students say that learning Yoga in a place like Rishikesh is a fortunate experience. This course is designed for those enhancing the physical fitness, health and spiritual development. This intense two weeks retreat provides the basis for more advanced training. This is the method to get a great glimpse into the deep spiritual experiences that yoga offers to everyone. If you want to learn Yoga and practice as a beginner yoga teacher but are not ready to devote a whole month, then this is your ideal chance. In these 100 hours you will get to learn various lessons in Yoga Aasana, Pranaayaam, Meditation and philosophy of yoga. Come and learn and start your own spiritual journey. After this course if a student wants to extend his learning then he can continue to go on and learn 200 Hours course. In case you decide later to pursue your 200 hour TTC then also you will be allowed to do the same. This two week yoga course of 100 hours will be following the same daily schedule with the 200 hours yoga Teacher training program.Even if you are an expert in yoga postures still this course will open you various untouched dimensions of Indian spiritual systems.

The Course fee is USD 750. The course fee includes following facilities.